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Mini Spin Columns for DNA (elution volume: 30-50 micro L, or more)

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DNA Column            RNA Column

Columns only (with caps and 2ml collection tubes)

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DNA Mini spin column only



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These popular Mini DNA columns have been widely used as economic substitutes for all major manufacturers’ plasmid DNA, viral and genomic DNA Kits including Qiagen (Qiaprep, Qiaquick, QiaAmp, DNeasy), Sigma (GeneElute), Invitrogen (PureLink  DNA), and Promega (PureYield DNA).   We also provide solution recipes for DNA mini-prep, DNA gel extraction, and PCR clean up for users who want to make their own solutions.


DNA Mini Spin Column Kits:

DNA Gel Extraction

DNA Isolation

DNA Purification/Clean-up

PCR Purification/Clean-up

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