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Maxi Spin Columns for DNA or RNA (elution volume: 2 ml or more)

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DNA Maxi Spin column and RNA maxi spin column offer a simple, rapid, and cost effective method for DNA/RNA isolation from various samples in large scale. They can be used for different applications by using different buffers and protocols. Like Mini and Tini spin columns, maxi columns contain a silica based membrane and they are compatible with all the buffers that are used for Mini and Tini spin columns.  These columns can be used with both centrifuge and vacuum manifold.   Maxi filter column can be connected to Maxi spin column for cell lysate clarification by using vacuum manifold. 


Columns only (50-ml conical collection tubes are not included)

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EZC111 DNA Maxi spin column 25/package $59 Add to Cart 
EZCR111 RNA Maxi spin column 25/package $79 Add to Cart


Maxi Filter column for  lysate clarification



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