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Spin Filter Columns


Micro Spin Filter (IP and Co-IP) Column provides an easy and efficient column method for Immunoprecipitation (IP), Co-IP, and Immunodepletion.  All the following 4 procedures can be performed on the columns.

1) Incubation of an antibody with a sample that contains the protein antigen of interest,

2) Capturing the antibody-antigen complex to immobilized Protein A or Protein G agarose beads,

3) Washing to remove unbound components of the sample, and

4) Separation of antigen and antibody from beads.  

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IP111   Micro Spin Filter columns for IP, Co-IP, Immunodepletion, and affinity chromatography (column only) 50 prep $49 Add to Cart  
IP111S Micro spin Filter columns with Elution and Neutralization Buffers (IP111 plus solutions) 50 prep $65 Add to Cart 
Ecap-A End Caps for Micro Spin Filter columns 50 $8 Add to Cart
EZC115 Mini Spin Filter Column 50  $49 Add to Cart  
EZC113 Spin Filter with 0.22um membrane (sample filtration) 50 $69 Add to Cart  


Spin Filter with 0.45um membrane (sample filtration)



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Note:  Spin Filter Column may also be used to clarify the sample before loading it onto the DNA/RNA spin columns.

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