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Protein Purification Resins and Kits

Our Ni resins have better binding affinity, capacity, and specificity 

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Ni-10 High affinity and capacity Ni resin 10 ml $110 Add to Cart
Ni60-NTA-10 Ni60-NTA resin 10 ml $79 Add to Cart
Ni60-NTA-25 Ni60-NTA resin 25 ml $159 Add to Cart
Ni60-NTA-50 Ni60-NTA resin 50 ml $299 Add to Cart
Ni60-NTA-100 Ni60-NTA resin 100 ml $569 Add to Cart


Ni60-NTA resin

500 ml


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Ni resin can be packed into our syringe columns or screw cap columns for use in protein purification. 

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