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SUMO Protease

SUMO Protease (Ulp1): Most efficient protease to remove fusion tags (His, GST, etc.)

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Ulp1 SUMO Protease

300 units


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Ulp1 SUMO Protease

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Ulp1 SUMO Protease

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Ulp1 is a highly active SUMO protease that specifically recognizes the tertiary structure of ubiquitin-like protein, SUMO, rather than a short sequence as other commonly used proteases such as Thrombin, TEV, and EK. The Ulp1 protease can be used to cleave the SUMO tag from recombinant fusion proteins at 30oC or 4oC at pH 7.0-7.9.  Our SUMO protease was purified to near homogeneity.  You only need 12 U (1 ml) to obtain >95% cleavage for 1 mg of SUMO fusion protein.   After digestion, the His-tagged Ulp1 can be removed by His tag affinity chromatography. 

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