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EZ Mammal ColonyScreen Kit


The EZ Mammal ColonyScreen Kit is an easy and fast method to screen positive clones directly from mammalian cell culture after transfection.  It also provides a rapid method for releasing genomic DNA for other procedures such as genotyping and amplification of genomic sequences. 



-Easy and fast to screen for positive clones directly from mammalian cell.

-No need to make plasmid DNA or genomic DNA for downstream PCR applications.

-Enable the use of any restriction enzyme for analysis when amplified by 2x Taq Mix without dye. 

-Contain DNA Taq polymerase and dNTPs.  You just need to add primers.

-Ready to load on the gel without adding loading dye when using 2x Taq Mix Red.


Contents of the kit:

-2x Taq Mix Red or 2x Taq Mix (without dye): 1 ml

-MammalLyser lysis solution: 1 ml

-One kit is sufficient for 100 reactions. 




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EZ Mammal ColonyScreen Kit, with 2x Taq Mix

1 kit



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EZ Mammal ColonyScreen Kit, with 2x Taq Mix Red

1 kit



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