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RNA Isolation by Column-zol Kit


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EZCR305 Column-zol RNA isolation Kit 50 preps $135 Add to Cart


Column-zol RNA micro isolation Kit

50 preps


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Column-zol kit for Total RNA: 

This kit combines the Advantages of chemical extraction method (phenol/guanidine salts) with solid-phase extraction method (immobilization glass filter embedded spin column) to provide a fast purification of high yield, high quality total RNA (including small RNAs, 17-200nt).  In addition, it includes an improved RNA reagent (lysis & extraction solution with phenol/guanidine) and CZ additive to efficiently protect the RNA and remove the DNA contamination during RNA isolation.  The purified RNA is RT ready without DNase treatment.  With our new Tini RNA column (EZC107), you can now process very small samples to recover trace amount of both small and large RNA together or in separate fractions.  


         Combines the advantages of TRIzol (chemical extraction) method with solid phase column methods

         Fast, High yield, and high quality RT ready RNA w/o DNase treatment

         Bypass Chloroform separation with improved RNA lysis/extraction reagent and additive

         Avoid ethanol precipitation procedures which is time consuming and inefficient recovery of small RNA

         Economic: columns (both Tini and Mini) can be order separately and work with all acid-guanidinium-phenol based reagents such as TRIzol, QIAzol, TriPure, and TriSure etc...

         DNA can be recovered from the pellet.  Please contact us for the protocol

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