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2x PCR Mix

2x PCR Mix has been pre-optimized for a wide variety of templates and primers. It contains Taq DNA polymerase, dNTPs, and Mg++ in a pre-optimized reaction buffer. Just add your DNA template and primers for PCR.  The reaction products can be loaded directly onto agarose gels without loading dyes or buffers.  


  • Colored Red to ensure adequate mixing.
  • Pre-optimized 2x format.
  • Direct loading to run agarose gels, no loading dyes or buffers needed.
  • Can be stored at 4C to eliminate freeze-thaw cycles.
 Catalog Number Item Size Price Order
123R1 2x PCR Mix with red dye 1 ml $40.00 Add to Cart
123R5 2x PCR Mix with red dye 5 ml $150.00 Add to Cart