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1. Genes

2. Proteins and Enzymes  

Cell Signaling

DNA Polymerase/Replication

DNA Repair

DNA Recombination

Heat Shock Proteins



Molecular Biology Enzymes


Oxidative Stress


RNA Editing

Stem Cell

Stress Response


3. Protein Tools

IP, Co-IP by Spin Column

Protein Markers

Protein Purification Resins and Kits 

SUMO Protease

Ulp1 for cleaving SUMO tag
















4. Antibodies  

5. DNA, RNA, & Molecular Biology

Cloning/Plasmid Vectors

Colony Screening Kit  

DNA Gel Extraction

DNA Isolation

DNA Purification/Clean-up

Molecular Biology  

PCR Purification/Clean-up

RNA Clean-up & Concentration Kit

RNA Gel Extraction

RNA Isolation 

RNA Isolation by Column-zol kit

Shredder Spin Columns

Spin Columns for DNA and RNA 

6. PCR Reagents  

7. Spin Column & Syringe Column

G-25 Spin Column 

DNA Maxi Spin Column

RNA Maxi Spin Column

DNA Mini Spin Column

RNA Mini Spin Column

DNA Tini Spin Column 

RNA Tini Spin Column 

Shredder Spin Column

Spin Filter Column

Syringe Column

8. Synthetic Compounds 

Vitamin D3



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        Custom Services         

Antibody Production

Gene Cloning

Gene Synthesis

Plasmid DNA Isolation

Protein Conjugation

Protein Purification

Site-directed Mutagenesis

Vector Construction

Lab Supplies 

Centrifuge/culture Tubes

Hand Lotion/cream

Microcentrifuge Tubes

PCR Tubes

Pipette tips

Spin Columns

Vacuum Trap and Pump System


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